Shawn D

Calendar Model Contest Rules

Heracles Fitness is Conducting our annual Model searches to find Models to be included in our 2017 Calendars. Due to their popularity, we decided to add 2 new themed Calendars: “America’s Sexiest Country Boys” and “Sexiest American Armed Forces.”  In addition, we will begin our “Hottest College Students in America” Contest in September. Contest Rules: Entries in our “America’s Sexiest Armed Forces” Contest must be either a Veteran, an Active Military member, or a recently […]

Jesse H

Texas is More than a State, it’s a State of Mind

This photo was from my first shoot with Texas Country Boy and former Quarterback and Track star Jesse in Houston, Texas.  Living in Texas, you grow up surrounded by Country and Sports and you definitely get the best of both worlds in your Models because like Jesse, you get a real country boy that is a also a jock. Texas is more than a State, it’s a State of mind. Real Men, real Country boys, […]

Cole M

Pretty Boy Inked

Houston, Texas is not only one of the Biggest Cities in the Country but it also has some of the best looking people in the country and my friend Cole is a prime example of that.  All Heracles Fitness Models have the whole package because–well that’s just what we do, but Damn Cole do you have to be so Got Dern good looking (in True Country Voice)! This image was from our first shoot that […]

Shawn D

A Real Urban Cowboy

This photo is from my first photo shoot with my Good Friend, 6’3 Athlete and native Texan Shawn.  We started in a Hotel and ended up in a remote spot in the woods–and yes it sounds like the beginning of a horror movie–but working with Shawn is like a walk in the park.  For his first shoot, he was a pro as you can see in his photos and he only got better in our […]

Brett C

Sexy Little Devil (Dog)

After a night of Gambling and Fireball (and no not the alcohol kind), Brett and I took this photo as we were looking out into the Vegas Strip at Night.  Since we were in one of the sexiest cities in the planet, it was only fitting that we kept it sexy. I’d say the American public is definitely in Great hands with well-rounded Marines like Brett and here he shows why he is more than […]

Travis C

A True Texas Country Boy

I remember the day Travis and I went driving in Travis’s truck down some rural backroads in the middle of nowhere Central Texas to find this perfect spot to do our photo shoot.  It was getting dark so we had to hurry but Travis was a natural for his very first shoot.  Then again, he isn’t pretending to be a cowboy because he legitimately is one so he was a natural.  I on the other […]

Alden M

All American Football Player Alden

Alden and I drove around looking for a perfect spot to do our first photo shoot and we found this cool hidden creek. Ironically, we both have been to this little Town in Texas hundreds of times but we had never seen this spot until that day. Nonetheless, we had a great time and got some awesome photos from this shoot and I also discovered that Star Football Players can make excellent Models with a […]


Did Someone Say Hunk

This photo is from my first photo shoot with my Good Friend Wes and I quickly realized that the guy just can’t ever take a bad photo. I mean I tried drowning him in a Lake, soaking him under a waterfall, having him hike up sharp rocks, and climbing over slimy Moss and he always comes out looking a like a Hollywood Movie Star. What makes it even worse is that he’s just an all […]

Tyler H

The Face of a God

As a photographer, I can appreciate beauty in many forms but sometimes you just run across a model that has everything and my friend Tyler is one of those Models.  Not only is he athletic, masculine, sexy, and tall, but he has piercing blue green eyes and a beautiful face. Fortunately, Heracles Fitness can boast many models just like Tyler because we look beyond just a great physique.  Our team can boast a roster of […]